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Photo Credit: Regan Sinclair

Baja Extreme 24hr Racerpack

This is our most extreme package giving you double of everything and 9600 lumens of joy and 8-10 hours of race time on HIGH brightness Mode.  Many pro's will wear this set up for extreme night races as their only source of light, and this set up has been proven in race conditions in Baja at the  Score Baja 1000, Tecate 100, Glen Helen 24hr,  The Ozark 100 Miler Extreme Race, Perry Mountain 24hr Race, The Northeast 24Hr Challenge, 25Hrs of Starvation Ridge, MRAN Night Racing Series by Factory Beta Team Purvines,  and numerous endurance races across the country.

Kit Includes:

-2 of our  4-LED, 4800 Lumen Moto Adventure Helmet Lights

-2 Curved/2 Flat mounting tabs for helmet light

-4 of our 4.0+ hour Lithium Polymer battery packs

-2 Battery chargers 

-4 Helmet Mount Snap-Lock Strips (for helmet)

-10 cord clips

-2 extension cords ( 24" extra length )

-1 y-cord ( to plug 2 lights into 1 battery)

-Bark Buster stickers

-Directions booklet

Extras Available:

(See Helmet Light Accessories and Extra Batteries)
-Amber Helmet Light Lens (Heavy Dust Lens) (TR00004)
-Yellow Helmet Light Lens (Light Dust/Snow Lens)(
-Helmet Light  Lower Light Mount Replacement (
-Extra 4+ Hour 8.4V Helmet Light Battery (
TR00012)                      -Extra (2) Task Helmet Mount Tabs with Cord Clips (TR00003) -Cigarette Lighter Plug Adapter (TR00008)                                      -Fast 8.4V Battery Charger for Helmet Light Battery (TR00009) -Helmet Light Extension Cord (TR00011)

Rider: Skyler Howes- 2015 Baja 1000. 7th Place   -Pro Unlimited -                                                        Task Racing Baja Extreme 24Hr product

$349.95 on our online store (TR00013)