Factory Baja Gore Fork Mount Kit

Designed for all 10" and 12" Task Racing Light Bars:
$224.95 on our online store(FBAJAGRE1 and FBAJAGRE2)

New ReDesign Includes:

-All CNC machined top grade T6061 Aluminum with the chamfer and tooling marks of a true "Factory" racing product.

-New pivot bolt design to make on/off a snap in seconds. Literally 2 allen bolts per side, easily accessible, and it's on/off!

-Comes standard with 2 colors of urethane bushings to provide cushioning when tightening and eliminates any scratching to your forks.  Two colors at present are Black and Yamaha/Husqvarna Blue. Both are included in the kit.

-Super Strong and SUPER Bliingy! 

-Designed to universally fit all Task Racing 10" and 12" Light Bars.  Hardware provided is all stainless steel and polished aluminum spacers( only for 10") are provided for a clean fit.  No spacers are needed for the 12" kit. 

-Kit includes left fork mount, right fork mount, set of black fork bushings, set of blue fork bushings, stainless threaded rod for mounting, stainless lock nut, polished aluminum spacers ( for 10" kit) and lock washers.

-Kit is the choice of top professionals in the Desert/Endurocross/Extreme/ and 24Hr racing due to design, strength, and attention to detail! AND attention from the crowds! 



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