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The new Task Racing " Channel Mount System " allows you to 4-Way adjust in a super-strong, super flush, break-away mount.  Actually designed to break off the helmet in a crash/tree branch incident protecting yourself AND the light!  Simply pop it back on and be on your way--That's the beauty of the snap-locking system on the base of the mount and helmet!   Never be stranded again!  

Ironman 24hr Racerpack

All the same components of our Moto Adventure Helmet Light, with 1 extra 4+ Hr Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery.  Giving you 8+ hours of riding without charging, this is the pack you want to have with you on any endurance race or longer night race.  Or simply having a secondary back up light that you can grab and go at a moments notice!  

$209.95 on our online store. (TR00007)

***See Moto Adventure Helmet Light Package for Features

(TR00007 Full Package)

Extras Available:

(See Helmet Light Accessories and Extra Batteries)
-Amber Helmet Light Lens (Heavy Dust Lens)(TR00004)
-Yellow Helmet Light Lens (Light Dust/Snow Lens)(
-Helmet Light  Lower Light Mount Replacement (
-Extra 4+ Hour 8.4V Helmet Light Battery  (
TR00012)                            -Extra (2) Task Helmet Mount Tabs with Cord Clips (TR00003)       -Cigarette Lighter Plug Adapter (TR00008)                                            -Fast 8.4V Battery Charger for Helmet Light Battery (TR00009)         -Helmet Light Extension Cord (TR00011)