The new Task Racing " Channel Mount System " allows you to 4-Way adjust in a super-strong, super flush, break-away mount.  Actually designed to break off the helmet in a crash/tree branch incident protecting yourself AND the light!  Simply pop it back on and be on your way--That's the beauty of the snap-locking system on the base of the mount and helmet!   Never be stranded again!  

Moto Adventure Helmet Light Package

This is an incredibly impressive light for night riding and racing.  Affordable for everyone, this light has both spot and flood qualities, casting a very broad spray of light, illuminating the terrain as it presents itself-----AT SPEED!   The long-lasting 4+ hour rechargeable battery, quality aluminum housing and fully adjustable 4-way helmet mount allows yo   to point the light just where you need it, when you need it.  And the quick release mount makes it a snap to attach and release the mount when using.  Check out the videos on the home page, using just 1 light in action!

$169.95 on our online store Part# (TR00001)

Features include:

- 1 Moto Adventure Helmet Light , 4-LED design (TR00001 Full Package)

-Task Racing " Channel Mount" System / 4 Way Adjustment Up/Down/Left/Right

-2 total Task Helmet Mount Tabs ( 1 flat, 1 curved )   

-Task Power Cord Clips for Helmet

-4+ Hr. Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery Pack

-Plug in battery charger with charge indicator

-6.8 ounce weight with mount

-Task Racing Bark Buster Stickers

-Instructions Sheet

Extras Available: 

(See Helmet Light Accessories and Extra Batteries)
-Amber Helmet Light Lens (Heavy Dust Lens) (
-Yellow Helmet Light Lens  (Light Dust/Snow Lens)(
-Helmet Light  Lower Light Mount Replacement (

-Extra 4+ Hour 8.4V Helmet Light Battery (TR00012)                                                    

-Extra (2) Task Helmet Mount Tabs with Cord Clips (TR00003) -Cigarette Lighter Plug Adapter (TR00008)                                   -Fast 8.4V Battery Charger for Helmet Light Battery (TR00009) -Helmet Light Extension Cord (TR00011)

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