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Riding Clubs

Organized Night Races have been few and far between around the country, let alone locally--- until now.   Local riding clubs can now offer night races and group rides at an AFFORDABLE cost to riders.  Task Racing helmet lights can be a link ( on your Club/Association website as a resource to your club members in general,  or for any Club organized night events.   We can make your night racing event VERY successful!

We can:

-#1 : Make it AFFORDABLE for the average rider to participate in your night race event!

-Establish a website link on your clubs website or facebook page and process and ship light orders to individual riders via our website.  The website link is a great resource to your Club/Association for your riders.

-Sell the lights to your Riding Club in bulk, at a bulk rate discount, and your Club sells and distributes to participating riders at your own pricing for your event.

This Riding Club order process can make any night event a great success and give your club members a unique riding experience that is sure to be repeated multiple times per year!  Contact us at or call us at 774-766-7917 if you are interested or have any questions.  We are happy to work with you!

We are presently active in the MRAN ( Motorcycle Racing Assoc. of Nevada ) and  National Hare and Hound Series.