Part#  TR00023

Part# TR00019

*****Additional Packages available WITH the Factory Baja Gore Fork Mount Kits.  Shop our online store and look for part# 's: TR00037, TR00039, and TR00041 to upgrade your 10" light bar kit to include the fork-mounted option!*****.

Factory Baja Gore Fork Mount Kit                            Part# FBAJAGRE1.

10" Rechargeable 12V Battery Light Bar Package


Universal 10" Light Bar by Task Racing

We have created a great package for ease of use on ALL bikes. No stator power or rewind necessary, and can be transferred to ANY bike easily and quickly in seconds.  Motorcross bikes, Enduro bikes, Trail bikes, old bikes, new bikes---it doesn't matter!  Can be mounted to 2 stokes, 4 strokes, ATV's/UTV's, Snowmobiles, Tractors, etc.--- all with one light! Super Universal!!!!    Each lighting system is easily transferable to your NEXT bike too!

$324.95 for our 10" Rechargeable Battery Light Bar Package on our online store.

$289.95 for our 10" Hardwire Light Bar Package
on our online store

$234.95 for our 10" KTM OEM Light Bar Package
on our online store
TR00027                                 (See Notes Below)

Features for 10" Light Bar Include:
-18 LED Design. Pattern:  6 Flood Beams on Left, 6 Flood Beams on Right, 6 Spot Beams in the Middle
-54 Watts of Power. Super Bright. 4650 lumens 3.5 Amp/Hr Draw of Light
-Under 3 lbs in weight
-Strong Stainless Steel mount tab design. 2 Bolts and a plug! Easy Mount On/Off bike in seconds!

-Tough T6 aluminum exterior, with strong lexan plastic cover
-Can be tightened down and adjusted up and down to point light where you need it ON THE FLY. Custom adjustment.
-Includes mounting hardware to that attach to bark busters, directions, Extra Extension Spacers and bolts for brake line clearance, and Task Racing stickers.

******Part# TR00027 for the KTM OEM Light Bar Package (Note: Only for KTM's that RUN ON DC POWER, and has enough DC power to run 

        54 Watts comfortably. This is not for most SX/XC's. EXCF's and XCFW's often can run this light bar )

-Part# TR00017 Light Bar Wire Harness with plug fitment for Rechargeable Battery Driven System
-Part #
TR00016 Light Bar Hardwire Wire Harness To On-Board E-Start Battery with On/Off Handlebar Switch System)

-Extras Available: 
 -Wire Harness for Rechargeable Battery System with On/Off Handlebar switch (optional).  $25.00 (

-Hardwire Wire Harness To On-Board E-Start Battery System with On/Off Handlebar switch. $35.00 (TR00016

-" Factory  Baja Gore " Fork Mount light bar mount and hardware. CNC Machined. New design with crush bushings $224.95 (FBAJAGRE1 and FBAJAGRE2) ( See Online Store for Packaged deals with fork-mounted light bar kits.)

-12V Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery and 12V Fast  Charger. $99.95  (NBBATT)                                                                                                                                                                      

(Run time per battery: 2.6+ hours on the 12" Light Bar/ 3.4+ hours on the 10" Light Bar.)                                                
-10" Amber Light Bar Lens for heavy dust  conditions $20.00 (

-10" Yellow Light Bar Lens for light dust and snow conditions $20.00 (TR00021)

-Cigarette Lighter Plug adapter for Helmet Light and Light Bars $30.00(TR00008)

10" Hardwire Light Bar Package

Part# TR00021


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