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AER-FLO Goggles- ROLL-OFF Clear Lens Edition


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Full Goggle with Clear AER-FLO ROLL-OFF Lens (0% Tint)

ROLL-OFF Version for those who want no fog and air flow!!! Perfect for those nasty, muddy days on the trail or track.   Comes with installed no-fog roll-off lenses with on cannister of roll off film installed and included with kit.

Task Racing’s AER-FLO Goggles —- One of BEST goggles for enduro/trail, extreme/hard enduro, MX, Adventure, MTB, Cycling— whatever your discipline.  Guaranteed NOT TO FOG !!!!  This goggle works best in nasty, hot, humid, muddy, moist, sweaty, ugly conditions!!  Also EXCELLENT for anyone who has glasses!

These are a MUST HAVE for every rider and racer out there in their equipment bag.   The key:  Our dual lens design allows fresh air to flow through the goggle with a circular convection.  It effectively allows heat to escape and pushes in fresh cool air with any amount of forward movement— keeping you cooler and less fatigued.

The key factors of this unique goggle are:

-WILL NOT FOG!!! Allows heat to escape! ( Clear Lens Model )

-ROLL-OFF LENS allows you to clear and advance a clear field of vision at your leisure while you ride.

– KEEPS YOU COOLER and LESS FATIGUED & Stop overheating!


-SAFE with a hard POLYCARBONATE Anti-Fog(Inside)/Anti-Scratch(Outside) lens

-ANTI-SLIP Goggle Strap.  Tear off Posts Standard.

*** Tear Offs /Goggle Posts sold separately, along with Goggle Posts. ( See Items under AER-FLO GOGGLES Category

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in
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