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RA 2.0 DUAL KTM / HUSQVARNA OEM Headlight Bucket Package


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Our NEW and completely redesigned RA 2.0 single headlight bucket system is a lighting solution that you can take from BIKE-TO BIKE – TO BIKE – TO BIKE – TO BIKE. 

One lighting system investment, and you can bring that investment with you to all your present and future bikes!  We have made it universal to all traditional forks, and we gave you 16 points of adjustment so you can place and point the light in that perfect position, on ANY BIKE you have.  Takes SECONDS TO MOUNT in place.  This is unique to the market, and this is as strong as they come.

This is a 100% CNC machined fork-mounted solution, which is as strong as you get on the market, complemented by all stainless steel hardware, and the standard all inclusive ( NOT a-la-carte ) package that Task Racing gives you—which is everything to bolt it on, plug in and play!


Package includes everything you need to plug and play, including:

-10 High Output 10W LED’s CNC Machined Light/ Black Anodized and laser etched === 10 Spot Beams total for package–hot center with halo flood effect ).   50Watt per light/ 5500 Lumens. Light is 3.5″ diameter.   Each light weight 1.54 lbs. Waterproof.    TOTAL OF 100W and 11,000 LUMENS for this Dual Kit

-KTM OEM Plug that connects direct from your new Task Racing light to your stock  KTM OEM headlight wire. Specifically designed for KTM/HUSQVARNA MODELS like XCFW /EXCF/ FE/ and TPI’s 2 STROKE MODELS that have DC power to their stock headlight and enough power to run a 100W light. NOT FOR MOST KTM CARBURATED BIKES. THIS IS A FIT FOR EXCF/ XCFW / FE AND MOST ALL TPI 2-STROKE BIKES. NOT FOR MOST KTM / HUSQVARNA CARBURATED BIKES.

-Zip ties

-100% CNC Machined Fork Mount System/Black Anodized with 2 sets of fork bushings (for mounting on either upper, or lower part of fork in between triple clamps) .



COMES WITH OUR CNC Machined Headlight Bucket Fork Mount Kit:

-All CNC machined top grade T6061 Aluminum with the chamfer and tooling marks of a true “Factory” racing product. All Black Anodized mount. Laser etched with Task Racing Logo. CNC Machined tool marks— very high end.

-Completely redesigned pivot points to take on/off in seconds. Literally 1 allen bolt per side, easily accessed and it’s on/off!  This mounts tight center of gravity makes it so you hardly feel the light on your bars when turning.

-Comes standard with 2 sets of urethane bushings to provide cushioning on tightening and eliminates scratching of your forks. Black colored bushings.

-Extremely Strong and SUPER Blingy!  This is top quality machining. 3 mounting positions: Center holes for RA 2.0 SINGLE, and mounting hole positions left and right for RA 2.0 DUAL For DUAL LIGHT MOUNTING!

-Designed to universally fit the Task Racing RA 2.0 Light. Hardware provided is all stainless steel for a rust-free clean fit.

-The kit includes left fork mount, right fork mount, set of black fork bushings, set of blue fork bushings, stainless threaded rod for mounting, stainless lock nut, and lock washers.

-The kit is the choice of top professionals in the Desert/Endurocross/Extreme/ and 24Hr racing due to design, strength, and attention to detail! AND attention from the crowds!

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Weight 6.1 lbs
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