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Baja Extreme 24Hr Racerpack


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The Baja Extreme is the top of our line aggressive race packet. This will give you 8-10 hours in full race mode. If you are looking for a ” Mickey Mouse Ear ” set up, this is the one. Will give you combined 9600 Lumens of the trail in front of you— who’s light can be pointed up/down/left/right depending on where you want it. Many people find this is all they need when racing, pro’s included.

-All new improved High Power Cree branded chip and integrated smart overheat protection technology in our new circuitry, making our lights 20% brighter, more consistent, and more durable. Light is 2-mode : High / Medium / On-Off. 8.4V and 12V compatible now.

-New Task Racing “Channel Mount ” Helmet Mount System — 4-Way Adjustability, and ” Break Away ” feature.  All Polycarbonate Helmet Light Mount, with polycarbonate lens. Bullet-proof!

-All new iew LiPo rechargeable battery technology makes for more consistency and reliability of charging and longevity.

Includes: 2 helmet lights, 4 of our 2+ hour batteries, 2 battery chargers so you can be charging while riding, 4 Helmet Mounting Tabs ( 2 Curved and 2 Flat ), 4 Helmet Snap-Lock Mounting Strips, 10 cord clips, 2 extension cords, 1 Y-Cord ( to connect two light to one battery )bark buster sticker, and directions book. 1 yr warranty on lights / 6 months on batteries.

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Weight 5 lbs
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